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DIY Vacuum Cleaners!

August 12, 2010   7:03 am
Haven’t seen enough? The S2 and S3 industrial vacuum cleaners feature a highly modular design that allows the operator to easily remove the motor head for regular maintenance, upgrades and service.  For more information, visit Read More   >

Longopac Continuous Collection Bag on Nilfisk CFM Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

  6:48 am
The Longopac collection system is now available on Nilfisk CFM industrial vacuum cleaners. Read More   >

Liquid Shut-off Sensor on Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  6:42 am
The new S3, 100 liter vacuum cleaner from Nilfisk CFM han be equipped with an automatic shut-off, liquid level sensor. Read More   >

Massachusetts Lead RRP : “We are here.”

August 11, 2010   7:19 am
Massachusetts Lead RRP is being enforced Read More   >

Combustible Dust Ground Zero: The Real Story

August 5, 2010   9:28 am
From the second the massive fireball shot into the night sky Feb. 7, the explosion at the Imperial Sugar Co. refinery became much more than a local tragedy in a small company town. Read More   >