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Nilfisk CFM in Metal Finishing!

May 21, 2009   9:12 am
Nilfisk CFM is in this month’s Metal Finishing! Click here to read “When the Dust Settles: A Tutorial on Explosion-Proof Vacuums! Nilfisk CFM in Metal Finishing Read More   >

Combatting Combustible Dust with Explosion Proof Vacuum Cleaners

May 11, 2009   9:11 am
Minimize your combustible dust risk with proper cleaning procedures. For more information on combustible dust and preventative maintenance, visit Read More   >

Are You at Risk for a Combustible Dust Explosion?

May 1, 2009   9:10 am
After decades of work-place explosions leading to hundreds of injuries and fatalities, combustible dust is finally a national headline that OSHA cannot ignore. While there are still no laws regarding combustible dust procedures, the agency has made quite a bit of headway in outlining recommendations for prevention and conducting random audits of “at-risk” facilities. By […] Read More   >

When the Dust Settles: A Tutorial on Dust Collection and Explosion-proof Vacuums

  7:21 am
If used consistently and in conjunction with a comprehensive maintenance plan, a facility’s investment in an explosion-proof vacuum will result in much more than just a clean plant. It will increase productivity, protect employees, and keep you out of the headlines. This article appeared in the May 2009 issue of Metal Finishing.  It is also […] Read More   >