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Brochure Update: New Nilfisk Full Line Brochure Now Available

July 10, 2017   8:41 am
Nilfisk’s updated full line brochure is now available! Featured products include new Class II, Division 2 certified vacuum models to Nilfisk’s line of combustible dust housekeeping solutions and pneumatic conveying options for the food and pharmaceutical industries. In addition to these new products, the brochure also includes key information on filtration and offers a closer […] Read More   >

When Should I Change My Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Filter?

July 5, 2017   9:00 am
paper bag filter
We’re often asked the question, “How do I know its time to change my vacuum cleaner filter?” Fortunately, Nilfisk Industrial Vacuum Cleaners require very little maintenance and upkeep. If you use the vacuum properly and change the filters regularly, your Nilfisk vacuum should last you many years. Here are some general tips to follow: Paper bag […] Read More   >

OSHA Proposes to Revoke Provisions of the Beryllium Rule for Construction, Shipyard Workers

June 27, 2017   3:28 pm
OSHA today issued a proposed rule to revoke certain provisions of its new beryllium rule for the construction and shipyard industries. The rule went into effect in May, following two delays. There are three beryllium standards — one for general industry, one for shipyards, and one for construction. The new proposed rule affects the standards […] Read More   >

Are You Overlooking the Dust Explosion Risks in Your Pharmaceutical Plant?

June 25, 2017   9:06 am
Pharma manufacturing
You follow a strict cleaning regimen to keep your cleanrooms up to ISO standards. You have procedures in place to mitigate the hazards associated with flammable solvents. And you labor tirelessly to prevent cross-contamination to keep your products pure and your workers safe. But are you overlooking the risk of combustible dust? If you manufacture […] Read More   >

The Roles of Housekeeping and Vacuum Filtration in Meeting ISO Cleanroom Standards

June 23, 2017   9:01 am
pharmaceutical cleanroom
Did you know that a person walking in a cleanroom at a rate of 2 mph (not exactly a brisk pace) can produce 5 million particles 0.3 microns or larger per minute? Even just standing motionless produces 100,000 particles/minute. And every one of those particles is a potential source of contamination. Cleanrooms are used in […] Read More   >

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