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Nilfisk Introduces New Wet/Dry Vacuums for Professional End-Users at STAFDA 2016

October 21, 2016   9:30 am
Nilfisk Industrial Vacuums will present new wet/dry collection vacuums at the STAFDA Annual Conference and Trade Show, November 6-11 (Booth #1127). Nilfisk ATTIX 33 and 44 models feature a redesigned filter cleaning system with upgraded suction units for cleaning and collection in rugged environments. Industry-leading performance and compact, durable design ensure safe operation, easy storage […] Read More   >

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Advantage of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

October 20, 2016   10:09 am
Cost Benefit Analysis Concept With Target Pin Marker
The sticker price for an industrial vacuum cleaner is considerably higher than the sticker price of a mop or a broom. That’s a pretty obvious statement — while the vacuum may cost a couple thousand dollars, you can pick up a mop or a broom for a couple hundred, or even less. But the sticker […] Read More   >

Taking the First Steps to Comply with NFPA 652

October 19, 2016   11:16 am
Understanding the first steps when dealing combustible dust is essential to properly adhering to NFPA 652. View the video here, to understand The First Steps to Comply with NFPA 652. _____________________ NFPA 652 serves as the unifying standard for managing combustible dust fire and explosion hazards across industries, processes and dust types. As a responsible manufacturer […] Read More   >

Compliance for Food Manufacturers: The High Cost of Doing Nothing

October 17, 2016   9:00 am
Compliance - High Cost of Doing Nothing
Do you feel like there are so many new compliance regulations that you don’t even know where to start? The compliance landscape for the food industry is already complex. And between FSMA (rolling out now), NFPA 652 (finalized September 2015, compliance dates starting in 2018), and OSHA’s combustible dust standard (tentatively planned for 2018), that complexity […] Read More   >

Is Your Dust Combustible? Dust Testing Under NFPA 652

October 12, 2016   9:39 am
Have you tested your dust? If not, it’s time to get on that. Under the recently released NFPA 652: Standard on the Fundamentals of Combustible Dust, material explosibility testing is now a requirement for all facilities that generate, handle, or store dust. This means if you have dust in your facility, it’s your responsibility to […] Read More   >

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